What makes me, me? question on Starbucks cup

Coffee and the Irresistible Life

What makes me, me? question on Starbucks cup
How would you answer these questions: What makes me, me? And you, you? In your life, where do you feel a sense of belonging?
Now, think about yourself as a Christian. How would you answer these questions? Did your answers change any this second time?
Recently, 8,000 Starbucks stores closed for four hours to ask their employees these questions. My daughter works at Starbucks and graduates from high school in a few days. We hope she’s learned what she needs to know for the next leg of life. At home, we’re not as big on learning “all the answers” as we are on asking the kinds of questions that need to be asked, because we believe a really good question can lead to some powerful answers.
Church outreach ministers are hopefully conscientious about studying the bold moves that star companies make in order to right their wrongs, improve trust in the company and create energy for what their products represent. I shouldn’t be surprised that Starbucks has schooled me on the basics of my own role here at church. 
Their questions are so good that, as a people of Christ, we need to ask them of ourselves. Those questions get to the heart of the irresistible life that we are in pursuit of here at Woodhaven.
The irresistible life is knowing what makes me, me: I am me because the beautiful imagination of God went about the work of making me. The saving work of Jesus makes me the me that cannot be separated from the Father. The Holy Spirit makes me the me that I am capable of being. 
Where do I feel a sense of belonging? Wherever I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. That’s where I find the irresistible life. I wonder if we Christians asked more great open-ended questions, would Starbucks need to?
– Ray Beale