At Woodhaven, we put out the welcome mat for you. We want to receive each person who walks in our doors (and we have many doors!) as a fellow friend and family member in the body of Christ. And we want to carry that welcome with us wherever we go, so that we reflect the irresistible life and love of Jesus.
We realize that we’re imperfect people who need God’s grace to live abundant lives. We try to create a healthy, accepting place where we can “grow up” together and encourage each other in our relationships with Christ.
Our welcome mat is always out, no matter which door you enter.

---Our Affiliations

We cooperate with and support the missions and educational efforts of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the  and the Raleigh Baptist Association.

---Our Ministers

Woodhaven Senior Pastor

Dr. David Stratton

Stephanie de Jong is the Minister of Music & Worship at Woodhaven Baptist Church.

Dr. Stephanie de Jong

Rev. Blaine Britt

Ms. Emily Hayne

Barbara Mosher photo

Mrs. Barbara Mosher

Mrs. Denise Galloway

Sherry Williams photo

Mrs. Sherry Williams

Susan Simpson is the Organist & Music Associate at Woodhaven Baptist Church.

Mrs. Susan Simpson

Mrs. Carol Clark


Mr. Ham Morton