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by David Stratton
Who has time for Bible reading? All faithful Christ-followers realize that regular Bible reading and study must be an important discipline in their living. Yet it can be very tough in our time-poor, distraction-filled culture to develop such a discipline. Here are a couple of tips that might help:
Bible reading plans may help. Google “Bible reading plan,” or “Bible reading schedule,” and you’ll find many links to schedules that can help to hold you accountable to regular Bible reading. At, there are numerous Bible reading plans you can subscribe to and get a reminder email daily. Biblegateway plans include an Old Testament/ New Testament plan (which gives a short reading from each testament daily), a chronological plan, a start from the beginning plan, a 90-day plan, etc.
Try Bible listening. You can listen to the Bible for free through the Bible Gateway website or through an app offered by Bible Gateway. I’ve been listening to a Bible a lot lately and I have been truly shocked at how much Bible “reading” I can accomplish by listening to the scriptures on the go. While on the road or tending to routine, rote chores, you can absorb the scriptures well by listening to them. If you’re “old school,” numerous Bible translations are available on audio CD at relatively low prices compared to the not too distant past.
For years I tried various approaches to reading through the Bible in a year and failed. I would fall behind and give up. Then one year I once again fell behind. But I decided not to give up that year. In the end, I managed to get caught up and reach my goal. After that, the discipline became easier. So, don’t quit! Keep trying different approaches to reading the Bible regularly until you find something that works for you.