Gathering Guidelines

UPDATED 8/19/21

Based on the Town of Cary’s recent State of Emergency declaration which includes the requirement for everyone to wear a mask while indoors regardless of vaccination status and that the Woodhaven Baptist Church campus is within the city limits of the Town of Cary, masks that cover the mouth and nose are required when inside the buildings at Woodhaven.

See information from the Town of Cary website regarding the Cary Indoor Mask Mandate and State of Emergency Proclamation below.   

From Town of Cary:
“In response to a rise in COVID cases and hospitalizations in Wake County and the larger region, Mayor Harold Weinbrecht issued an indoor mask mandate for the Town of Cary effective August 18, 2021 at 5 p.m. The order, part of a new 
State of Emergency declaration for the Town of Cary, applies to everyone regardless of vaccination status. As part of the declaration, a clean face covering is now required indoors for people over age five anytime they will be in contact with others outside of their household. The order covers all public and private indoor spaces within Cary’s town limits, and remains active until rescinded.”

Let’s continue to work together to protect ourselves and love our neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic as we pray for healing around the world.