Deacon-led Ministry Teams

At Woodhaven, we believe that everyone can be a minister, in one way or another. Deacon-led ministry teams give children, teens and adults a variety of ways to use their skills and talents to serve others in our church family and in our community. You don’t need a special invitation to participate. Just jump in!
Your 2021-2022 Woodhaven Deacons:
Bob Sizemore (chair), Paul Bartlett, Brian Clark, Lee Outlaw, Ellen McClay, Heather Johnson, Mike Davis, Brenda Morton, Mark Burden, Jay Hayne, Brenda Jongleux, and Eric Reed.

Family Connection Ministry Team

Focus: At Woodhaven we want to invite and encourage each person who walks through our doors to become a fellow friend and family member in the body of Christ.  This ministry team serves to do just that by promoting opportunities to build more personal and productive communication channels between the members of Woodhaven and the church. 

Message: You are part of the Woodhaven family and its pursuit of the irresistible life — let’s get connected!

Contact:  Brian Clark (919) 961-5165; Paul Bartlett (919) 353-4739; Ellen McClay (910) 891-8338


Growing Young

Focus: Woodhaven is a faith community that believes all healthy churches will have members of all age spectrums engaged in authentic relationships in accepting and inclusive environments. We desire to connect to discover joy and meaning while learning, living, and serving for Christ.

Message: Let’s connect and create new and exciting ways to embark on a journey to the irresistible life…together… as coping, caring, and contributing Christians.

Contact: Mike Davis (919) 219-4666; Julie Little (919) 612-0406; Heather Johnson (919)215-7981


Love Meals Ministry Team

Focus: The Love Meals Ministry provides our Woodhaven family an opportunity to connect with and serve others in our church and community by providing ready-to-eat meals after a birth, loss, surgery, or illness. This ministry operates by volunteers with that same passion.

Message: We want to share God’s love to you through the gift of food.

Contact:  Heather Simmons (919) 753-5874; Heather Johnson (910) 891-8338


Prayer Ministry Team

Focus: Prayer is the method by which we build a relationship with God through offering praise and thanks to Him, requesting help for ourselves and others, and, more importantly, listening for God’s direction.  Following the instruction of I Thessalonians 5:17 to “pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances,” the Prayer Ministry Team sponsors prayer activities throughout the year such as praying for specific families during a dedicated time, sending notes of prayer to those who are in need, or coordinating prayer partners and vigils. 

Message: Today I spoke with God about your needs.

Contact:  Tracy Myers (919) 280-4069; Bob Sizemore (919) 219-8784


Visitation Ministry Team

Focus: This ministry team serves to make personal contact with Woodhaven members and attendees who are hospitalized, dealing with a crisis in their life (death of a loved one, job loss, etc.), or are homebound.  Members of this team reach out through personal visits to offer comfort and encouragement.

Message: We care about you.  You are important to us and Woodhaven Baptist Church.

Contact:  Lee Outlaw (919) 818-1642; Paul Bartlett (919) 363-4739; Bob Sizemore (919) 219-8784


Woodhaven Wheels Ministry Team

Focus: Many people have physical or medical issues that make it difficult to drive to church, doctor’s appointments, or other important events. This team provides alternative transportation to those who need it on a periodic basis.

Message: We want you to be with us and will help make sure you can get here or wherever you need to be!

Contact:  Julie Sawyer-Little (919) 612-0406