Deacon-led Ministry Teams

At Woodhaven, we believe that everyone can be a minister, in one way or another. Deacon-led ministry teams give children, teens and adults a variety of ways to use their skills and talents to serve others in our church family and in our community. You don’t need a special invitation to participate. Just jump in!
Your 2019-2020 Woodhaven Deacons: Ken Cook, chair, Sheila Abercrombie, Paul Bartlett, Brian Clark, Tracy Myers, Lee Outlaw, Christine Quante, Denise Roeder, Julie Sawyer-Little, Heather Simmons, Bob Sizemore


Are you willing to help ease the burden of loss by being part of the team that organizes and provides resources the church can offer to help meet family needs during a time of grief? Help provide meals, set up the church for visitation, offer rides, etc.
Deacon contacts: Julie Sawyer-Little

Family Connection Ministry

Can we call on you to help with activities focused on building stronger personal connections throughout the Woodhaven family? Make personal contacts, help with a Family Connection-sponsored event, or reach out in other ways to build relationships.
Deacon contacts: Denise Roeder, Sheila Abercrombie, Brian Clark, Paul Bartlett

Love Meals

Would you like to serve your Woodhaven family by offering to provide a meal to someone following a significant event like a birth, loss, surgery or illness?
Deacon contacts: Christine Quante, Denise Roeder, Heather Simmons


How about being part of a team devoted to praying for Woodhaven as a whole and its individual members?
Deacon contacts: Tracy Myers, Christine Quante, Bob Sizemore


Can you help us show Woodhaven cares by making a visit to someone who is hospitalized, dealing with a crisis in their lives (death of a loved one, job loss, etc.), or are homebound? Please contact one of us if you know of someone who needs a visit. Our message is simple: We care about you. You are important to us and Woodhaven Baptist Church. This is the best kind of face time!
Deacon contact: Lee Outlaw, Paul Bartlett, Bob Sizemore

Woodhaven Wheels

Can you give someone a lift now and then? Many people have physical or medical issues that make it difficult to drive to church, doctor’s appointments or other important events. Sometimes, the car might just break down. This team provides transportation to those who need it on a periodic basis. We want you to be with us and will help you get here—or wherever you need to be!
Deacon contacts: Ken Cook