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Matt and Michelle Norman CBF Missionaries

CBF Global Missions

Goal – $2,500
Each year during Advent, Woodhaven collects gifts for CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) Global Missions.
100% of your gift helps sustain the long-term presence of CBF field personnel  serving around the world. This means that you’ll help care for refugees around the world, welcome refugees to the U.S., and care for people who need help.
You can place gifts (check or cash) in the offering on Sundays or send your gift to the church office.

Parking Lot with "Woodhaven Hunger Walk"

World Hunger Offering

Millions of Americans live in food insecure households, including 32.8 million adults and 15.3 million children. Approximately 795 million people in the world are chronically malnourished.
On World Hunger Sunday in October, we begin our hunger relief emphasis. Individuals and families may pick up a hunger offering bank and return it with your offering on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. If you use a church offering envelope, please designate your gift as “Hunger Offering.”
Also, our children and youth typically participate in a Walk for Hunger. You can sponsor a child by the lap or with a flat donation.
The two agencies receiving help through our gifts are the Hunger Fund of CBFNC (75%) and the Hunger Emphasis of Baptist World Aid (25%).

Woodhaven members and friends filled the room and filled meal bags for Rise Against Hunger.

Rise Against Hunger

Woodhaven coordinates special events to aid world hunger. Volunteers of all ages can participate in exciting efforts such as Rise Against Hunger to prepare meals for people in countries around the world. Watch for details about upcoming events, or contact the church office.
Laughing boys from Guatemala in colorful shirts

Youth International Missions

Every other year, Woodhaven juniors and seniors embark on an international mission trip. It’s a chance to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and share our faith in ways we probably never have before. We might even need a translator!
In July 2016, Woodhaven led a group of 10 youth and chaperones to Guatemala to serve for a week with Praying Pelican Ministries. Our experience included backyard Bible clubs, leading worship, construction projects or prayer walks through the community.

This trip was funded through participant fees, Woodhaven on Mission funds and generous gifts from Woodhaven members and friends. We are so grateful for everyone’s support for this important opportunity!

If you have questions, please contact our Youth Minister, Blaine Britt, blaine@woodhaven.org.


Hurricane damage in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Relief

As the post-hurricane crisis continues in Puerto Rico, we have partnered with our sister Hispanic congregation, Woodhaven Iglesia Bautista Torre Fuerte, to collect items urgently needed. Woodhaven on Missions committed funds to help with shipping costs. Stay tuned for further collection efforts. Thank you for your prayers and support.
The Woodhaven on Mission committee has also dedicated funds to hurricane relief efforts in Houston, Florida and Cuba. In addition, a portion of your normal tithes and offerings to the general church budget already supports the disaster relief efforts of several of our mission partners, including the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Baptists on Mission (formerly known as North Carolina Baptist Men) and Baptist World Aid.
However, in light of the intense and widespread needs of victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, you are invited to give over and above your normal tithe to help:





Appalachia Service Project construction

Youth Summer Missions

Many families in the Appalachian mountain area are living in homes that are cold, leaky or unsafe. ASP (Appalachia Service Project) is a Christian ministry dedicated to erasing poverty in Central Appalachia and making homes warmer, safer and drier.

ASP is more than a building program though; it’s a relationship ministry. Our youth will spend time interacting with the family they’ve been assigned to serve. They’ll forge friendships that will impact them for the rest of their lives, they may pick up some construction skills, and they’ll learn lessons in Christian service that will enrich their faith. For many, this experience is the first step towards a lifelong vocation of caring for others.
Youth who have completed 8th grade and are age 14 or older can participate. We need two adult chaperones (age 19 or older) for each team.
Ready to get your hands dirty, make lifelong memories, and give the hope of Christ to families in need? Woo hoo!

Contact Youth Minister Blaine Britt, for more info, blaine@woodhaven.org.