Preschool Calendar


                          2021– 2022 Preschool Calendar

August 31st– September 1st     Meet the Teacher (Your day will be assigned)

September 7                                    First Day of School (4 day, 5 day, and T/Th classes)

September 8                                    First Day of School (M/W and M/W/F classes)

September 16th                             Preschool Closed/ WCPSS Teacher Workday

October 11th                                    Preschool Closed/ WCPSS Teacher Workday

 October 27th                                   Preschool Closed/WCPSS Teacher Workday

November 2nd                                 Preschool Closed/WCPSS Teacher Workday

November 11th                             Preschool Closed/Holiday/Workday

November 24th -26th                      Preschool Closed/Thanksgiving Holiday

December 20th – 31st                     Preschool Closed/Christmas Holiday         

January 3rd–                                      Preschool Resumes                      

January 17th – 18th                        Preschool Closed/ Holiday/Workday

February 18th                                   Preschool Closed/WCPSS Teacher Workday

February 21st                                   Preschool Closed/WCPSS Teacher Workday

March 18th                                     Preschool Closed/ WCPSS Teacher Workday

March 28th                                      Preschool Closed/ WCPSS Teacher Workday

April 11th – 15th                               Preschool Closed /Spring Break

April 18th                                           Preschool Resumes

May 2nd                                             Preschool Closed/WCPSS Teacher Workday

May 20th                                           Last Day of School



For more information, contact Weekday Preschool Director Sherry Williams at 919-362-3909 or e-mail