Preschool Parent Handbook

2023-2024 Parent Handbook

Woodhaven Weekday Preschool
4000 Kildaire Farm Road Apex, NC 27539 919-362-3909
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This handbook is meant to serve only as a general guideline for daily preschool operations. The procedures are subject to change at the discretion of the preschool staff and the Weekday Education Committee. You will be notified of any changes relevant to your child.
Woodhaven Weekday Preschool admits students of any race, color, nationality, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.


To provide a half-day weekday program for young children in a Christian environment that will benefit the children, their parents and the community.


  • To provide opportunities for being with other children in a Christian setting conducive to the development of wholesome social relationships.
  • To provide appropriate play experiences that contribute to the developmental needs of each child.
  • To provide opportunities for integrated learning based on the child’s individual needs, interests, and abilities that will build important foundations for future academic pursuits.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to meet with and work with other parents and teachers who have share a concern for the interests and needs of the pre-Kindergarten child.
  • To provide quality care for the child while the parents pursue their own work for other interests.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to grow in the understanding of child development through a planned educational program.
  • To help meet the needs of the community for an early childhood education facility.


  • Curriculum – Our curriculum is developed by our staff. We strive to provide age- and developmentally-appropriate activities. Once a month your child’s teacher will send home a calendar with the themes and activities that will be emphasized that month. In addition to focusing on social adjustments, we introduce children to colors, shapes, numbers, the alphabet, days of the week, months, seasons, music, and art.
  • Chapel – Once a week children ages 3 and 4 will go into the sanctuary for chapel where our ministers and teachers will share simple Bible stories and songs.
  • Music – In addition to the music and songs presented in the classroom, each class will go to music once a week for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Conferences – A conference may be requested at any time by a parent or teacher to discuss your child’s progress. We ask that you do not conference with staff during arrival, dismissal or special event times. Teachers must supervise their children at these times, and your confidentiality is difficult to maintain in this setting. Please call your teacher for an appointment. Scheduled conferences are held for all 4-year-old classes in late January.

School Hours

Hours of operation will be from 9:15 a.m. until 1:15 p.m. Children should be on time in the morning and picked up promptly at the end of the school day. Doors will be unlocked at 9:10 a.m. We request that children not enter the building until 9:10 a.m., so our staff can to prepare their classrooms.


Woodhaven Weekday Preschool will follow the Wake County Public Schools traditional calendar with the exception of opening and closing dates. The preschool will operate Tues., September 5, 2023 – Friday, May 22, 2024. Click here for the current calendar.

Inclement Weather Policy

  • If Wake County Public Schools delay one hour, we will delay one hour. Preschool will open at 10:15 a.m. and dismiss at the regular time of 1:15 p.m.
  • If Wake County Public Schools delay two or three hours, we will delay two hours. Preschool will open at 11:15 a.m. and dismiss at the regular time of 1:15 p.m.
  • If Wake County Public Schools are closed, preschool will be closed.
  • In the event of continuing inclement weather during the morning, and Wake County Public Schools have started their school day, please watch WRAL television for closings that relate to Woodhaven Weekday Preschool.
  • If Wake County announces that Public Schools will dismiss due to approaching bad weather, we ask that your come for your child immediately.
The Woodhaven Weekday Education Committee will make the decision concerning any days to be made up due to bad weather. There are three “forgiven” days for inclement weather already built into the preschool year calendar.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee
The Woodhaven Weekday Education Committee, upon the recommendations of the director, establishes registration fees and tuition. Registration fees are used to offset preschool start-up expenses for supplies and materials.

A registration fee shall be paid per year per child at the time a child is enrolled. The full registration fee is required if the child is registered prior to January. If the child is registered after Jan. 1, half of the regular registration fee is required. No registration fee is required at the time a child is placed on a waiting list for the program. The registration fee is $125. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Tuition will be due by the first of each month, September through April. A late fee of $25 will be assessed if the tuition is not paid by the 5th of each month. Prepaid tuition is required for the month of May and is due by June 30 of the previous year. Please note: After July 31, the prepaid May tuition is not refundable. If a child registers after June 30, the May tuition is due 30 days after registration.
Tuition payments are non-refundable and are due in full regardless of days missed due to sickness, vacation, holidays, teacher workdays, or inclement weather. Our school operates on a tuition-based budget.
Supply Fee
There is a one-time supply fee of $60 that should be included with your September tuition.
Please make checks payable to Woodhaven Weekday Preschool. Do not send tuition payment with your child or give it to your child’s teacher. You may pay your tuition by:
  • Placing it in the tuition envelopes on the specified bulletin board of your child’s hall,
  • Giving it to the director, or
  • Mailing it to: Woodhaven Weekday Preschool, 4000 Kildaire Farm Road, Apex, NC 27539.
  • NO cash please

Tuition for 2022-2023

  • 2 days – $225/month
  • 3 days – $265/month
  • 4 days – $310/month
  • 5 days – $350/month
Please note: A one-time supply fee of $60 will be due with September 2022 tuition.
Returned Check Fee:
There will be a $25.00 fee for a returned check. The parent will be notified if a check is returned for insufficient funds. At that time, another check may be written, or the tuition may be paid in cash.


A 30-day notice must be given to the Woodhaven Weekday Preschool director before a child is withdrawn. For example, if the intent to withdraw is received and signed on January 18: January tuition was previously paid on Jan. 1, and February tuition is due through Feb. 17 (30 days after the January 18 intent to withdraw date).
The only exception to this will be, if notice to withdraw is given March 1 or later, full tuition for April will be expected, as this place will be difficult to fill.  Prepaid tuition is non-refundable.
If the withdrawal occurs at the request of the school, the unused portion of the tuition will be refunded.

Daily Procedures

Arrival and Departure
  • Please do not use your cell phone during your arrival and departure time at the Preschool. This covers the time from entering the parking lot to exiting onto Kildaire Farm Road.
  • Turn in the entrance by the mailbox for dropping off children in the morning and picking up children in the afternoon. When leaving the preschool, please drive around the back of the church and exit out the other entrance. (Please note and be careful: Other Woodhaven visitors and members may occasionally enter on this side during Preschool arrival and departure.) By following these entrance/ exit procedures, we can ensure additional safety measures for arrival and departure.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to walk the child to the classroom in the morning. Do not park in or block the circular drive in front of the church. Please enter the church from either of the two preschool entrances by the playground.
  • Afternoon pickup will begin Tuesday, September 6. Children will be dismissed through the two doors by the playground. These are the two doors used in the morning drop-off. Two-year-olds will be dismissed through the first end door. When you arrive, you should walk to the appropriate door and a staff member will bring your child to you. We ask that you do not enter the building to ensure safe and efficient pickup.
  • Please remember that we only release your child to the authorized persons on your list, and they will need to present identification. Make sure they are aware of our pickup procedures.
  • Pickup will begin at 1:15 p.m. Late pick-up will be $5.00 per five-minute increments per child.
  • If you choose to stay and socialize, please refrain from standing in the dismissal areas, as this will cause congestion during pickup. Doors will be locked following pickup, and there will be no re-entry.


Each child is required to bring a cold lunch, including beverage, in a labeled lunch box. Teachers are not able to heat/ warm up items. The preschool will offer Lunch Bunch to all classes starting the first week of October. Lunch Bunch is available on the last day of each week that your child is at preschool. Your child will receive two pieces of cheese pizza. Please bring a drink, as they are not included. Lunch Bunch is an optional choice for your child each week.


Each child is required to bring their own snack.

Birthdays and Holidays

We celebrate each child’s birthday, and you may bring a special snack for that day. For children whose birthdays fall during vacations and holidays, we can schedule “unbirthday” celebrations.
Examples of a special snack would be cookies, a cookie cake, cupcakes, etc. Please check with your child’s teacher for any food allergies before bringing in any special treats. We ask that you limit the birthday celebration at school to a special snack only. No balloons of any kind or candles will be allowed. Also, the staff is not allowed to pass out birthday invitations.
There will also be special activities for every holiday. We may ask for your help on these occasions. There will be sigh-up sheets available for each classroom.


Please dress your child in play attire. We ask that you do not dress your child in anything that would upset them or you if it should become soiled. Please label every item your child brings to school.
Dress your child warmly in cold weather, as outdoor play is an everyday activity, weather permitting.
All children should have an extra change of clothing in a labeled Ziploc bag. We do not have a storage area to keep clothing for each child, so these items should be kept in their backpack and transported daily. Make sure that the extra change of clothes is appropriate for the weather throughout the year. Please include a shirt, pants, socks and underwear.
We prefer that children do not wear sandals, open-toed shoes, flip-flops, or cowboy boots. These hinder the children’s movements, especially on the playground.



The preschool provides toys and games needed for the teaching themes. Please do not allow your child to bring toys other than on the teacher-designated “Show and Tell” day. Security items, which provide comfort, are permitted.

Show and Tell

We will have “Show and Tell” on teacher-designated days. We do not allow toy guns, weapons, or toys that depict violent behavior to be brought for show and tell. Children are encouraged to bring items to school for “Show and Tell” which will provide a learning experience and are related to the theme.

Field Trips

Some field trips are planned during the school year for our four-year-old and transition classes. Permission slips for each field trip will be provided and must be signed by the parent and returned prior to attending a field trip. Most field trips are free of charge; parents will be notified well in advance if a trip incurs a small fee. Parents are asked to provide transportation and to assist the teachers in supervising the children.

Special Events

Special events are held at the preschool throughout the year. Some of these events are free of charge, and some may require a small fee. Parents will be informed of these events/ activities in advance.

Communication Folders

These folders will come home with your child in his or her backpack the last week of each month. We will use these folders for monthly newsletters, calendars and other communication. Please be sure to check the folder for all information.


All messages must be given in writing, by phone, or in person to a teacher. We will not accept verbal messages from a child to avoid misunderstandings. Teachers will not receive calls during class hours. Please leave messages for the teachers to return your call at a later time.

Parent Participation

Parents are invited and welcomed to participate in our preschool program. If you have any area of specialty or a hobby that you would be willing to share with the children, please let us know.

School Class Lists

It is the policy of Woodhaven Weekday Preschool to publish a current list of students enrolled in each class. This list is for the personal information and convenience of parents of enrolled students. It is not to be used for any non-school related promotions or contacts.


Praise and positive reinforcement are effective methods for behavior management of children. Staff members will use techniques of intervention and redirection as the first means of discipline. If these methods are ineffective, the child may be placed in “time out.” The staff will follow preschool policy of measuring time out to correspond with a child’s age. No child will be subjected to any form of corporal punishment.
If a child continually has trouble cooperating with the teacher and/ or other children, outside assistance, such as Project Enlightenment, may be brought in with parental consent to provide evaluation and recommendations. If a resolution cannot be found to control the child’s disruptive and distracting behavior, the Weekday Education Committee will ask that the child be withdrawn from the program.


Students may be dismissed from Woodhaven Weekday Preschool for any one of the following reasons:

Failure to Pay

Tuition payment policies are explained at the time of registration. A reminder, along with a copy of the policies, is sent to parents if payments are late. Continued delinquent accounts are discussed with the director in conference and documented. If agreements made at the conference are not met, parents will be asked to withdraw the child.

Student’s Continued Disruptive Behavior

Our discipline policies are outlined, read, and signed by parents. In cases of continued discipline problems, parents are called in for a conference so the parents, teacher, and the director can work together to encourage correction of the problem. All conferences will be documented. After the third conference, the parent may be asked to withdraw the child.
Behavioral problems which may require parent conferences are:
  • Fighting
  • Bad language
  • Disrespect for teachers
  • Biting
  • Hurting others
  • Continually disruptive behavior
  • Defiant attitudes
  • Other misbehavior identified by the director

Continued Incompatibility with the Program by the Child or Family

We encourage parents to discuss any concerns about our program in connection with their child. After three specific unresolved concerns by either the preschool or parents, the parents may choose to withdraw the child, or we may suggest the parents find a program that will better meet their needs.


Registration Policy Registration for the coming school year, as set by the director, will begin in January. Fee information and registration forms will be available from the director.
Registration for a child is complete when the registration form and fee are returned to the director. A child must be four, three or two no later than August 31 for the respective four, three or two class. Consideration may be given to a child’s enrollment in a particular class to balance the ratio of males to females upon the discretion of the staff and the Weekday Education Committee.
Priorities for registration are as follows:
  • Children who are currently enrolled in the preschool and are eligible to return for the next year. Children that have withdrawn before the school year lose their early registration privilege.
  • Woodhaven Baptist Church members are next to register.
  • Siblings of currently enrolled preschool students are next to register.
  • Registration for the general public will be held after the above students have had the opportunity to register. Registration will be held in the form of a lottery.

Health and Emergencies

Attendance and Health
Complete immunization forms are required for each child before being admitted to school.  They must be current on all required vaccinations. Regular attendance is important for continuity of the child’s development; however, a child should be kept at home whenever there are symptoms of illness or they are in recovery from a procedure requiring increased monitoring by our staff.  Your child should not be brought to preschool if one of the following conditions exists:
  • Fever, diarrhea, or vomiting
  • Rash or discharge from the eyes, ears, or nose
  • Sore throat or severe cough
  • Contagious disease
  • Still in recovery period from a procedure or surgery that would require increased monitoring and/or attendance by our staff.
In an effort to keep everyone healthy and as a courtesy to your child’s classmates and the preschool staff, your child should be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to preschool.
If your child becomes ill during school hours, he or she will be separated from the class, and parents will be called to come pick him or her up. Phone numbers need to be provided via note to your child’s teacher if you will be at a number other than those on the emergency form. Please inform the director if your child is absent due to a communicable disease, so we may inform parents of those children who were in contact with him or her.
Please make sure that we are aware of any physical limitations, health problems, or allergies that your child may have.
Medical Emergencies
Only minor first aid (simple cuts or abrasions) will be cared for at the preschool.
In the event of a minor medical emergency, we will call parents. If they cannot be reached, we will contact the child’s physician and, if necessary, a staff member will take the child to the physician’s office or emergency care facility.
In the event of a major medical emergency, we will call 911 first and then the parents.

Report of Child Abuse of Neglect

Woodhaven Weekday Preschool fully complies with the North Carolina State Law regarding child abuse and neglect. This law does not require that the parents be notified prior to a report being filed. The Protective Service Unit of the Department of Social Services will be notified.