Wednesdays at Woodhaven

Winter/Spring 2022
Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.


Mid-Week Strength

Online and on campus opportunities for all


5:15-6:05pm: On campus fellowship meal in the fellowship hall

6:10-7:10pm: Hybrid online/on-campus classes for youth, young adults, and adults as well as on campus activities for preschoolers and children. See below for descriptions.

7:15-7:45pm: Sanctuary Choir rehearsal in the sanctuary
7:15-8:15pm:Session 2 of “New Strength for Storm Living!” led by Dave
*Watch for class links in Tuesday e-mails.


Classes: Preschool through Adult Opportunities

The following adult classes will be offered as hybrid classes (on campus and online).  Look closely at the dates as several classes Start in January and end in February and others don’t start until March! To participate hybridly, watch your Tuesday e-mail for links or send an e-mail to Karen:, or call the church office (919) 362-0127

*Registration Links Provided Below for Each Class Requiring Registration.  
Young Adults
Study of the Book of Revelation  
Led by Charles Dail and Terri Stratton
MEETS WEDNESDAY EVENINGS at 6:10 (10 Week Course)

The lessons of Revelation is a study of “The Book” as a description of hope rather than a book of doom.  The lesson reflects the Old Testament and New Testament biblical impression of the book. This is a 10 week study.

(Wednesday nights from Jan 5 to March 16)


New Strength for Stormy Living!  

Led by Dave Stratton
MEETS WEDNESDAY EVENINGS Your choice of sessions at 6:10pm or 7:15 pm
(16 Week Course)
                                                             or     CLICK HERE to register for 7:15 class

Jesus promised that those who hear the words of his Sermon on the Mount and act on them are building lives on a solid foundation that can withstand the inevitable storms that come.  Come and join us as we explore biblical teaching from our Lord that’s designed to give us new strength for stormy living. (Wednesdays from Jan 5 to May 4)

Study of Isaiah  
Led by Ken Vandergriff
MEETS WEDNESDAY EVENINGS at 6:10 (8 Week Course)
Have you ever felt despair, thinking that life can’t get any worse?  Seems like no news is good news, and if that weren’t bad enough, God seems to be paying no attention?  Maybe that’s what many have felt for over a year now.  How do we cope with that?  Where do we find new strength to go on?  We can find hope in the second part of the book of Isaiah, chapters 40-66, commonly known as Second Isaiah.   A prophet brought God’s message of hope to a despairing people who had lived for decades in exile, forced to live in the land of their conquerors after seeing their homeland demolished.  The prophet spoke of unexpected newness, restoration, vocation, hope — which is a pretty good reason for us to study this text. (Wednesday nights from Jan 5 to Feb 23)
“Parenting Beyond Your Capacity”
Based on book by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof  
Led by Michelle Anderson
MEETS WEDNESDAY EVENINGS at 6:10 (8 Week Course)

Did your child come with parenting instructions?  Mine did not, but it sure would be helpful at times!  Parenting can simultaneously be our greatest joy and our biggest challenge in life.  Thank goodness we don’t have to do it alone! Come join other parents as we learn, explore, and share along this journey of parenting together!  We will gather for 8 weeks on Wednesday evenings from 6:10-7:10pm beginning January 5.   We’ll discuss the importance of faith and community, the power of relationship, communication, and more!  Our study will be based on the book Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof.  If you would like a copy you can order one from Amazon, but it is not required to participate in the study.  (Wednesday nights from Jan 5 to Feb 23)

*“New Strength for Stormy Living” will continue until May 4
Troublesome Texts:
Unfamiliar Stories That Ask Big Questions    
Led by Tony Cartledge
MEETS WEDNESDAY EVENINGS at 6:10 (8 Week Course)
The Bible contains many apparent inconsistencies, narrative tensions, and complicated characters. We’ll look at a selection of puzzling passages, not to solve all the issues, but to consider interpretive principles for dealing with troublesome texts.  (Wednesday nights from March 9 through May 4)


“Strong Words; Big Promises”
A Study of the Book of Amos  
Led by Mike Eddinger
MEETS WEDNESDAY EVENINGS at 6:10 (5 Week Course)

Are you ready to have your comfort zone disturbed? Maybe a better question is do you NEED to have your comfort zone disturbed? If you’re open to the possibility that God might want to broaden and deepen your attitude, your worship, your relationship with God, your idea of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, then Amos is for you. As we study the book of Amos, we’ll hear God’s strong words to his people, and we’ll also hear God’s promise of restoration spoken through the mouth of this Non-Prophet Prophet. (Wednesday nights from March 9 through April 6)


Youth (Grades 6-12)

Led by Blaine Britt


*On campus activities will start at 6:10 with hybrid lesson beginning at 6:30pm

Our Youth will enjoy both on campus activities and Hybrid Bible Studies.  They will meet on Wednesday nights and will have a blend of Bible study, a variety of activities, and also spend time in fellowship.  Come and join the fun as we begin a new church year.


Children (K-6)


We will have a great time planned for our children! We will start with music each night and alternate weeks between hands on mission activities and learning about the stories of the Old Testament.

(Wednesday nights from Jan 5 to May 4)




CLICK HERE to register your child for these sessions

Our preschoolers will enjoy Mission Friends where they will learn about the CBF missionaries we support through hands on activities and play




In the Sanctuary

Do you love to make a joyful noise?  Come try us out!  Woodhaven Worship Choir exudes love, inclusivity, and joy, making music to glorify God. 


Plan to join in, come out for fellowship and growth opportunities, and a chance to study more about God’s word together as we kickoff our new church year!