Wednesday Classes

FALL 2021

Mid-Week Strength

Online and on campus opportunities for all

this fall on Wednesdays 


5:15-6:05pm: On campus fellowship meal in the fellowship hall

6:10-7:10pm: Hybrid online/on-campus classes for youth, young adults, and adults as well as on campus activities for preschoolers and children

7:15-7:45pm: Sanctuary Choir rehearsal in the sanctuary
7:15-8:15pm: Late Class “Understanding God’s Guidance” meets virtually only


We’re making it easier than ever to participate in mid-week opportunities for the vital work of Christian fellowship and discipleship this fall. Youth, young adults, and adults can join us online or on campus for enlightening classes designed to strengthen our faith and add light to the journey called life. Disciple-making activities will be provided for preschoolers and children on campus.  Activities on-campus will be preceded with a meal in the fellowship hall. You’ll find more details below. Don’t miss a single chance for some mid-week strength this fall!
*Watch for class links in Tuesday’s e-mail.



Adult Classes: 

These following Adult classes will be offered as hybrid classes (on campus and online). The room numbers for on-campus attendance are listed below.  You can contact the teacher for the link to attend online or watch your Tuesday e-mail for the links!


Women’s Book Study   

Led by Terri Stratton (
BLDG 1-Multi-Purpose Room: Rm 100

BOOK: “It’s all Under Control: A Journey of Letting Go, Hanging On, and

Finding a Peace You Almost Forgot was Possible” By Jennifer Dukes Lee

For every woman who is hanging on tight and trying to get each day right-yet finding that life often feels out of control and chaotic. Discover a new way of living that will free you to be you, and finally experience the peace of knowing a God who truly has it all under control. (Wednesday nights from Sept. 8 through Nov 17)
Understanding God’s Guidance  

MEETS WEDNESDAY EVENINGS at 6:10 and 2nd class meets Virtually only at 7:10 (Watch Tuesday’s e-mail for links)

Led by Dave Stratton (
BLDG 2-Fellowship Hall Office Conference Room

The strongest, most fulfilled lives are lives guided by God. But how exactly does divine guidance work? How do we best recognize God’s voice so that we might heed it and thereby experience the strengthening it provides? We’ll discuss and seek answers to questions like these in this class. 

(Wednesday nights from Sept. 8 through Nov 17)
Faith That Works!     
A study and discussion group on the Book of James
Led by T Thomas (
BLDG 3-Sanctuary – Welcome Room

The letter of James is not the best loved book in the New Testament and thus a bit neglected.  Yet the early church saw it as a book of Apostolic authority with teachings that all Christians need to put into practice.  James is practical and speaks to us on a variety of topics such as managing difficulties, how we speak, our use of money, our time, etc.

James is practical, maybe too practical!  So expect this study to be difficult—not because it will be hard to understand, but because it will be all too easy to understand!

(Wednesday nights from Sept. 8 through Nov. 10) 

Youth (Grades 6-12)


Led by Blaine Britt (
BLDG 2-Fellowship Hall lower level Rm 212L (High School Classroom)
*On campus activities will start at 6:10 with hybrid lesson beginning at 6:30pm

Our Youth will enjoy both on campus activities and Hybrid Bible Studies.  They will meet on Wednesday nights and will have a blend of Bible study, a variety of activities, and also spend time in fellowship.  Come and join the fun as we begin a new church year.


Children (K-6)


We will have a great time planned for our children!  We will start with music each night and alternate weeks between hands on mission activities and learning about the stories of the Old Testament.




Our preschoolers will enjoy Mission Friends where they will learn about the CBF missionaries we support through hands on activities and play




In the Sanctuary

Do you love to make a joyful noise?  Come try us out!  Woodhaven Worship Choir exudes love, inclusivity, and joy, making music to glorify God. 


Plan to join in, come out for fellowship and growth opportunities, and a chance to study more about God’s word together as we kickoff our new church year!